Feb 12, 2012

PosterSmith BLOG is now Online!

From time to time, users would come to us for various issues of their poster making or printing.  Very often we discovered that the issues actually can be resolved with just some simple tricks.  Though simple enough, it could cost plenty of valuable times for our users before submitting their posters to us for print.

To help the users of PosterSmith.com, we have created this blog as a knowledge base of preparing a poster for professional printing.  We will publish in this blog some of the most often encountered issues of making a poster and their solutions.  Hopefully, these information will give our users a lift whenever help is needed.  


  1. It's nice to see another poster blog. I am looking forward to see your designs too, as well as your other services. Keep rockin!


  2. Thanks for this information! At the moment I'm searching for a new provider of POS materials for my best data rooms - will keep you in mind.
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