Mar 20, 2012

Find a Nice Logo for Your Poster

The logos on a poster can be very helpful in recognizing the affiliations of the poster authors.  However, the image quality of the logo is important.  Recently, several of our customers had encountered the same situation: their logos look great on their computer screens but not so well when enlarged into poster size...

The low resolution logo printed on actual size poster

What you see on the screen

As you can see from the above demonstration, the text on the logo appears blurry when enlarged into poster size.  It dented the quality of your poster even it is just a small part of it.  This is why we want to share with you how to find a high-quality logo online which will always stay clear on posters

Here is some knowledge you should have for the logo image that you are using.  First of all, pay attention to the file type of your logo.  If the file type of your logo is .jpg or .png, it means the logo image is composed of many many tiny little dots.  Whenever you enlarge the image, these limited number of tiny dots will be dispersed from each other, and if you don't have enough number of dots to fill the enlarged area of your stretched image, your image will appear blurry.  As a result, to pick a logo image for your poster, you want to pick a .jpg or .png image that has high enough number of dots to begin with.  In a more technical term, you want an image that have high enough resolution to begin with.

The easiest way to find the best quality school or institute logo is from Wikipedia.  By searching your affiliated school or institute on Wikipedia, you will see a page similar to the following.  

If you click on the logo image appears on the Wiki page, you will arrive in a page similar to what has been shown in the following picture, and this is where you can get the right logo image for your poster.

Likely you will see this image rendered in PNG format in several sizes.  The larger the size, the higher resolution the image has.  For logo images used on a poster, always use a size of more than 1000px.  

Now you know how to put an eye-catching logo on your poster that will always stay clear.