Apr 25, 2012

Caring for Your Fabric Poster

Using a fabric poster is a new experience for many of our customers.  Here we have provided some tips to care for your fabric poster.
  • Unpack and hang your fabric poster - soft crease marks will smooth after hanging. 
  • Deeper crease (if any) will disappear after applying slight tensions when pinned on the poster board for presentation.
  • With our latest development of fabric material, dry iron is never needed even occasionally. Just apply normal tension to your poster, and the crease will go away.
When folding your fabric poster for storage or travel, fold it lightly to avoid the formation of sharp creases that will take longer time to recover.  In case you don't want to see any sharp crease, we suggest transporting your fabric poster in a hard box.


  1. If hanging on poster board with pushpins, how to avoid a saggy or wavy appearance?

  2. The fabric used for printing poster has its internal strength to hold itself. Therefore, with very slight tension applied when pinned on the poster board, the poster surface will look smooth.

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  4. I have several anime fabric scrolled posters I'd like to store without damaging. I don't want to open them 10 years from now to find them cracked and faded. Should I roll them up. Please help. Thank you.

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