Oct 6, 2012

What to Do When Files Cannot be Uploaded?

Rarely does this happen to our customers when uploading files to our site.  However, if it does happen, please don't hesitate to email us at support@postersmith.com.  

If you want to get your order placed as soon as possible, attach your poster file in the email as well.  Our staffs will contact you momentarily, and our production team will start to review and process your file for you.  Later, an order summary and a paypal payment link will be sent to you for your confirmation.

If your file is too large to be sent through an email, please feel free to send us a link to the file (e.g. Dropbox link).  Instructions of using Dropbox link can be found in this page.

If you are redirected from our site to this article, likely the file uploading issue has occurred to you. Please accept our sincere apology for causing you this inconvenience.  


  1. Hello there,

    I'm having trouble uploading my poster to your site, and am hoping I can still take advantage of same day delivery (for an extra $30 charge). I had a very nice exchange with one of your staff that it would be possible in the Boston area if I was able to get it to you by noon today.

    So here's me trying with a dropbox link!


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